It’s all in the Garlic and Olive Oil

April 7, 2014
Sandra Staas

I grew up in Scotland before moving to Spain where I lived for many years during the seventies and eighties.  I’m writing my ‘memoirs’ of this time period at my wee blog,

This is a fun project, and one that I enjoy immensely.

I’ve been published at New Hope International, Innisfree, Mused Literary Journal, Boomer Cafe, In the Powder Room, and other magazines.

The years I spent in Spain inspired me to graduate with the M.A. in Hispanic Language at Literature at the University of Pittsburgh.

And now these vivid memories and experiences of my life in Spain so many years ago are inspiring me to write and to re-write,  and to inhale the garlic and olive oil all over again.





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It’s all in the Garlic and Olive Oil